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One of Philly Pizza Slices special interests is gluten free pizza. What is gluten-free and what does it have to do with pizza?  Gluten-free basically means “no wheat.”  Pizza crusts are usually made with “wheat flour.”  Individuals who are wheat sensitive or cannot digest foods made with wheat are referred to as “celiacs.”  You can find out more ore information on celiac disease here.

A pizza chain, Uno Chicago Grill, announced shortly after the new year in 2009 that it was formally introducing a gluten-free pizza nationally.   College students on nearby Philadelphia campuses can click here to see local Uno Chicago Grill restaurants that may be located close to their dorm room so that the social experience of eating cheesy, deep dish pizza late at night or at a restaurant can now be a shared experience for those individuals with celiac disease.

Check out some of our pizza links on the side for more information on gluten-free pizza and other gluten-free products and information -- including a gluten-free pizza dough mix! Please email us  -  - with names and locations of where you have found gluten-free pizza slices in Philadelphia!

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Ok, so maybe you aren’t in your pajamas – yet – but you and your friends are in Philadelphia and looking for the most incredible pizza.  You are hungry for pepperoni pizza!  Philadelphia is filled with wonderful restaurants, late-night or not, and pizza is just one of the many popular foods in this city whether you are dining on South Street or Market Street. Neighboring towns also provide many opportunities for shopping and side-walk dinners of your favorite slice of pizza. This City Search link provides Philadelphia pizza information for you to select your personal slice of Philadelphia Pi.Philadelphia Pizza. And, if you are a college student, don’t forget to Share a Slice of your favorite Philadelphia Pi with Pizza and Pajamas. Philadelphia College Pizza



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